Wilma Potgieter’s stunning Art is now available in the New porous Decoupage paper.  The ‘paper’ is so easy to apply, simply use our Wildflower Vintage Varnish in either Matt, Satin or Gloss and paint over print.  Instruction sheet is supplied with all prints ordered. 

Wilma Potgieter - Decoupage Paper No 66

  • Measure and cut your Textured Decoupage Paper to the correct size. Paint a generous layer of WFV Varnish or WFV Deco Glue on surface, lay your tissue paper in position and flatten out from the centre, taking care to eliminate air bubbles to ensure a good adhesion. Allow to dry then apply another two layers of varnish (Available in Matt, Satin or Gloss), when dry sand with a very fine 800 - 1200 grit sandpaper for a stunning smooth finish.